Possible Fairtrade problems in flower gardens in Ecuador.

Pay fraude and threats against trade unionists is common in flower plantations in Ecuador, says new study. It indicates problems in fair trade plantations says one of Denmarks biggest unions, 3F. Read more here and a google translate into english here.

December 2th 2008 Press Release from Fairtrade Norway.

Fairtrade Norway finds that “The Bitter Taste Of Tea” is unfair to Fairtrade. read it here in norwegian and here in google translate into English.

NRK1 - Brennpunkt

Norvegian television, NRK will air December 2th 2008 at 21:30. read more here in norwegian.

SVT1 - Uppdrag Granskning

Swedish television, SVT will air “The Bitter Taste Of Tea” December 3th 2008 at 20:00. read more here in swedish.

Information.dk - Editorial comment on Fairtrade

Monday, December 1st the danish newspaper, Information, wrote in an editorial comment, that Fairtrade must be more open and transparent if the consumers shall believe them.

Information.dk - Fairtrade had a plan for what the tea producers should say.

Today November 28th danish newspaper Information have a story of how Fair Trade/Max Havelaar had a strategy for the way that the tea producers should act in case any one started asking questions about the fairness of the tea production. Have a read here in danish, or here in the google translate version to English.

MS - Danish Association for International Co-operation - Respond to the bitter taste of tea.

MS - Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke have posted a respond on their website today. Backing Fair trade/Max Havelaar read on here in google translate to English or here in danish.

One of Denmarks biggest unions, 3F: More tight control of Fairtrade.

The newsletter from the danish union, 3F demands that local unions in tea producing countries shall have access to - independently - inspect the estates. Read more. (Danish) Read more in English. (Google translation)

U-landsnyt: Max Havelaar has been totally naive.

Today, November 27th, the danish web-site, U-landsnyt.dk wrote this commentary regarding the FLO-Cert inspections in the tea gardens. read more (in danish.) read more (Google translate to English.)

Berlingske.dk - “Fairtrade”-tea is a hoax.

This morning danish newspaper Berlingske Tidene has an article about our film “The Bitter Taste Of Tea”

click here to read a google translate version in English
or click here to read it in danish.

Information.dk - TV-Documentary: Fairtrade makes no difference for the tea pluckers.

Danish newspaper Information has an article about “The Bitter Taste Of Tea” click here to read a google-translate version to English or click here to read it in danish.

Two articles at Politiken.dk.

Danish newspaper Politiken has two articles about “The Bitter Taste Of Tea”.

click here, and here to read a google translate version in English
or click here, and here to read in danish.

Urban.dk - Fair trade tea is a deception.

Urban.dk writes about “The Bitter Taste Of Tea”. Read more here in danish or more here in a goole translate version to English.