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National Danish Television (DR) is currently experiencing a huge interest in distributing the DR1-documentary ‘The Bitter Taste of Tea’, which was broadcasted on DR1, 26 November last year.

Nearly 30 international television stations have right now the program for review, and 10 countries have shown or purchased the film, produced by journalist Tom Heinemann of Heinemann Media in cooperation with Norwegian Erling Borgen of Borgen Productions.

“We have just concluded an agreement with Australia and Canada, so they can show the program, while there is a company that wants to publish it as an educational DVD in North America,” explains Head of DR International Sales, Helene Aurø.

She adds that the program is also sold to Croatia, Slovenia, Poland and Israel, as has been shown in Norway and Sweden.

‘The bitter taste of tea’ tells the story of the darkest side of globalization and how the poor workers in Sri Lanka, India and Kenya is paying a high price for the supply of cheap tea to otherwise reputable Western firms and organizations. At the same time it also looks at conditions in the Fairtrade accredited plantations.

“Both at home and internationally, there is great interest in programs on globalization at the moment. And when there has been considerable interest in this broadcast, I think it is because it is an international issue with a focus on human rights and working conditions”, says Helene Aurø.

As Tom Heinemann is a former Prix Italia winner and has won numerous international awards, probably does not lower the interest, says the head of DR International Sales.

The three Scandinavian documentary editors in DR, SVT and NRK has worked on the program, and it was aired in special versions respecting both Danish, Norwegian and Swedish conditions.

The documentary (only in Danish) can still be seen here