A Tower Of Promises - Credits

Editor Niels Ostenfeld
Niels Ostenfeld have a long credit on major documentaries, his films include “The Cloud Mystery” and “Doomsday Called Off” by director Lars Mortensen. He also edited Tom Heinemann’s “A Killer Bargain” witch won Prix Italia in 2007. Niels Ostenfeld also edited “Milosevic On Trial” for director Michael Christoffersen, “Milosevic On Trial” won a Robert Award for best documentary in 2007. Variety said about “Milosevic On Trial”: Production values are excellent, notably the editing. Official site here

Photographer Lotte la Cour
Autodidact photographer, married to journalist and director Tom Heinemann. Educated and worked with human related items and communication for many years. First job was a filmed fact finding report for the DEPA - Danish Environmental Protection Agency.Second professional job was the award winning documentary, “A Killer Bargain”. Numerous research trips all over Asia for years.

Colourgrader Morten T. Egholm, Edithouse
Morten T. Egholm has worked as clourgrader at Edithouse in Copenhagen for more than a decade. His work include films like “Milosevic On Trial”, “Og Det Var Danmark”, “A Killer Bargain” and many more. Official site here

Aditional Photographers
Paul Gomes
David Giugno
Erik Hauan
Gunnar Uglem

Niels David Rønsholdt


Motion Graphics
Jesper Hellvik
Peter Muurmann

Mohammad Haq

Thanks to
Alex Frank Larsen
Morten Hansen
Agnete Haaland

Aziz Zaeed
Erling Borgen

Production Manager
Pau la Cour

Commisioning Editor
Kenny Andersjö, SVT