About Erling Borgen

Erling Borgen started his career as a journalist in the weekly paper Orientering.

In 1988 he got the position as NRK’s correspondent in Latin America, where he had his headquarters in Santiago, Chile. He stayed there until 1992.

Back in Norway he worked four more years for the TV news, until he got his second correspondent job for NRK. This time in Asia, with headquarters in Beijing, China.

When he returned to Norway in 1999, Borgen decided to leave NRK and start his own production company, Borgen Production as.

In October 2005 he was awarded the prestigious “Freelancer of the Year” award, given by the Norwegian Freelancer Association for his film The Ambassador. The jury claimed the film to be a great example of untraditional journalism on foreign news events.

Journalism awards:

(The Norwegian Pulitzer Price for brilliant journalism)
l982 The Norwegian Peoples Aid Organization – “Price of humanity”, for TV-documentaries made in Latin-America, l992.
Silver Medal, “The SKUP-award” for investigative journalism, l995.
The freelancer of the year 2005
The Prison Award (human rights price in Norway)2006