New Film: “Caught in Micro debt”

Poor villagers in BangladeshOn Tuesday November 30. our new film has world premiere. Watch it here (from 30/11 evening)

Give the poor a small loan - a so-called microloan so they can start a small business and lift them out of poverty.

For decades the Nobel leureates, Mohammad Yunus and Grameen Bank has been hailed for giving the poor a small micro loan to lift them out of poverty. The system has been copied all over the world.

But does microloans really help the poor and why did the Norwegian aid agency, Norad who donated millions of Dollars to Grameen Bank kept numerous documents secret ?

The film crew travelled extensively in Bangladesh meeting scores of poor micro loan takers and economists and development researchers like Jonathan Morduch, David Roodman, Milford Bateman and Thomas Dichter tells another side of the glamorous story on Microcredit.

The documentary is the Norwegian version of an international edition that will be available in the beginning of January.

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  1. [...] to prevent the “harassment” of small borrowers by debt collectors. Caught in Micro debt, a 2010 documentary by Norwegian journalist Tom Heinemann, turned the spotlight on Yunus and the Grameen Bank, [...]

  2. You mention that the international version of the documentary will be available in January. Will you publish the link here? I really would like to watch it.

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